Thursday 26 June 2014

Instagram #ManiSwap Nail Art

Hi all, this week I was lucky enough to get involved in a #ManiSwap with @caramellogram on Instagram.  For those of you who don't know what a Mani Swap is, its when 2 Nail Artists team up and choose a manicure of the other persons to re-create.  It can be quite fun to see each others interpretation of the original manicure.

Here is a collage of mine and Melissa's #ManiSwap.  She chose to recreate my Mean Girls Manicure and I chose to re-create her Sugar Spun Nail Art.  All details and individual pictures are after the jump.  I had alot of fun doing this, and would definitely do it again - so thanks to Melissa for getting me involved x

Originals on the left and re-creations on the right.

For my recreation of the Sugar Spun nails, I started off by painting my nails with nails inc - Porchester Square.  The next part is the most important, you then place a drop of the nail polish you will be using for the "sugar" onto your tin foil (or whatever else you use to hold your polish whilst working!) and leave it to set for 10 minutes.  For this part, I used Color Club - Almost Famous (Yellow), Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Jade Jump (Green), Racey Rouge (Red) and Blue-Ming Fast (Blue).

When its almost dry and starting to get a "skin" on it, grab a cocktail stick and start mixing.  You should see the almost dry polish is stringy.  Start placing the polish strings over your nails.  For this look, keep all the texture you can and don't add a top coat & your done!  Would you guys like to see a proper tutorial for this?  Let me know!

Here is Melissa's recreation of my Mean Girls Nail Art - I think you'll agree with me that she done fabulous! :-)

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