Saturday 21 June 2014

Disney Week: {4 Nails, 1 Movie} Day 4 - Beauty And The Beast

Hi everyone & happy Saturday! Its so warm and sticky where I am & that's not sitting well with my polish, believe me.  Hows the weather where you are?  Anyway, my week has been crazy, had I not met my friend for dinner and worked a crazy shift, these would've been posted on Thursday and we would be at Day 6 of my 4 Nails, 1 Movie week BUT alas, such is life.  Today's inspiration comes from the Movie, Beauty And The Beast.

This 22 year old film is one in which I can remember watching and being scared of, believe it or not?!  The Beast can be a pretty frightening character when your little!  I think this is why I have chosen to depict my favourite characters as a child, that would be Chip the cup and Lumiere the candle.

Fun Fact: Disney attempted to write Beauty And The Beast in the 1930s but scrapped it.  They picked it up again and tried to write it in the 1950s and scrapped it for a second time.  They eventually got it to work in the late 1980s for release in 1991.  Imagine if they'd scrapped it altogether, I wouldn't be writing this blog post!

Polished Used:
Barry M - Gold (Pictured)
Colour Club - Unnamed Cream
China Glaze - Kalahari Kiss
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Onyx
nails inc - Belvedere Road
Barry M - White
nails inc - Carnaby Street
nails inc - Hanover Square
nails inc - Porchester Square
Revlon - Diva
Revlon - Emerald

I started off with painting my index finger with Unnamed Cream, my middle with Belvedere Road, my ring with Hanover Square and my pinkie with Porchester Square.

For Lumiere on my index finger, I added some swirly bits (only way to describe them, ha!) with Gold.  I outlined him with Onyx and filled him in with Kalahari Kiss.  All details in his face were done with Onyx, too and his flame I filled in with Carnaby Street.

For Chip on my middle finger, I painted the White first, then added Carnaby Street to the rims and handle.  His features were also painted with Onyx. 

For my ring finger, I added "Tale As Old As Time" with White and went back over it with Gold when that was dry.

Finally for my pinkie finger, I added the glass jar with White and added the Rose with Diva and stem with Emerald.  Everything is highlighted with White, too.  Its all topped off with a coat of Seche Vite.

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