Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Spangley Halloween!

In need of some last minute Halloween Nail Art Ideas?  You've come to the right place! 

Tonight I have 2 designs to share with you, both complete with video tutorials which you'll find on my YouTube channel or, at the bottom of this post.

#TBT Then And Now - Halloween Nail Art

When I started looking for this weeks then and now nail art, I knew I could only pick one thing...  The attempts I made at Halloween Nail Art last year.

I'm super happy with how these nails turned out.  I loosely followed a YouTube Tutorial by ChristabellNails, that just so happened to fit into the same design for my TBT.  I really really like the way they turned out, infact, I even have a mega soft spot for my index and pinkie fingers.  As usual, the 53 week old "Then" picture, will be after the jump.

Monday, 27 October 2014

#SwatchySunday Models Own - Prussian Blue

Welcome to this weeks #SwatchySunday post - one day late! Oh well.... :)

The polish I have chosen to review this week is Prussian Blue by Models Own.  I am not entirely sure when this polish was released, but on a brief Google search, I can find posts from fellow bloggers as far back as 2010.  I purchased this polish from TK Maxx, so this is entirely possible.

For the accent nail, I was inspired by my favourite Haloween Movie; Hocus Pocus, where Sarah Jessica Parker sings to lure the children to the witches where they can suck the lives out of them.  Sounds weird, but you really gotta watch it!  You check a brief YouTube clip here.

Full review, including video tutorial my accent flying Witch nail is after the jump.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

#TBT Then And Now - WaterMarble Nail Art

Before I start this blog post, I have to throw in a small disclaimer saying I do not claim to be any sort of water marble expert! :) I have merely picked up a few tips over my nail art career and it seems to now be working for me.  Keep reading this post to find out what those tips are and to see my video tutorial, as usual! :)

I thought it would be perfect to start my #TBT series off with Water-Marble.  I first attempted water-marbling 82 weeks ago, and at the time, gave myself 6 out of 10 - CLEARLY I was being a little cocky.  Looking back, my attempt doesn't even deserve 0.6 out of 10!  Even although I can still see mistakes with these nails today, I am still much happier with them, and can defiantly say its one of my best water-marbles to date.

As always, you'll find a picture of my "Then" or "TBT" Picture, after the jump ;-) Brace yourself....

Sunday, 19 October 2014

#SwatchySunday nails inc - Pavillion Road

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been AWOL this last week.  Since the redesign of my blog, I have been working very hard on thinking of new, exciting and different things that I do, to keep you guys entertained, engaged and spangled!  I have loads of exciting things planned - but as you can guess, sometimes ideas can take a while to process from mind to paper to what you're reading now.

One of the thing I have came up with, is that on a Sunday, I will pick (or my boyfriend will pick) a polish out of my collection, to swatch & review!  Maybe in about 10 years time, I should have a blog post & review for every polish I own haha! 

We shall call it... #SwatchySunday and welcome to post number 1.  The colour I have chosen is nails inc - Pavillion Road.  Full review, including video tutorial for my autumn tree is after the jump.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Nautical Nail Art & The Launch Of The New Spangley Nails!

Welcome to the new & improved Spangley Nails! :)

I am very very very excited to welcome you, as I have some really exciting things planned to take Spangley Nails to the "next level," and where ever that is - I hope to see you there, friend!

Things will still be relatively the same - regular nail art, videos, tutorials and swatches BUT I hope to throw in some extras & have set things that I post on set days as well.  For example, if you have been here a while, you may remember I used to post my "Then & Now" manicures on a Wednesday - this will now be moved to a Thursday to tie in with the very popular hashtag #TBT which stands for Throw Back Thursday.

Onto today's nail art though, is this nautical themed manicure.  Video tutorial will be after the jump, as well as all details on polishes and methods used.

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