Tuesday 9 February 2016

Nail Cart: Review on my Favourite Water Decals! (And you can personalise them too!)

If you've been here for a while, then you may remember my review on Nail Cart, if not, you can catch up here.  Nail Cart is water decal company run by my friend, Annaliza, from waay across the pond in Edmonton, Canada!  Water decals are small pre-printed pictures and by cutting them out, submerging them in water for around 30 seconds, they become sticky and can be applied to your nails.  Fuss free, mess free, professional manicure in minutes!

Annaliza has come a long way since last May when I first reviewed for her.  She is absolutely killing it with every single set of decals she comes out with.  I mean, have you SEEN the David Bowie set?!  I may need to get myself one of those!!  The best part is, even if you head to her store and cant find anything you fancy (highly unlikely, but still), Annaliza will custom make a set of decals just for you!  Who wants to rock their boyfriends face on their nails for Valentines day?!

Today I have some Emoji, Princess Jasmine & Mickey and Minnie Mouse decals to show you... Prepare to fall in love with NailCart and out of love with your bank balance!

These are the Mickey Mouse Loves Minnie Mouse Nail Decals.  Perfect if you're heading to Disneyland on holiday OR if you just love Disney (like me!)

This is the beautiful Princess Jasmine Nail Decals, how elegant does she look hanging around on my middle finger?! I loved wearing this manicure!

Okay, okay I know what you're all thinking and the answer is Yes! Who wouldn't want Emoji's on their nails?!  These were Annaliza's Halloween Nail Decals, and are no longer for sale in her shop!  However, if it's Emoji's you're after, here is a link for the Junk Food Emoji Water Decals that were in my review last time! 

Tell Me More!

Where can I buy these decals?  Straight from Annaliza's Etsy shop by clicking here.

How much do they cost?  I spotted a cute Pineapple set in her shop for 
£2.15, the rest of the sets, including all 3 that I've used above are £4.29.

Any Coupon codes?  Yes!  You can use the code NAILCART5OFF for $5.00 (roughly £3.48) off your purchase!  Also worth noting that Annaliza accepts Etsy gift cards in her store.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping?  It's around £5.72 (To the UK from Canada).  If you're reading this from a country outside the UK, then you can estimate the shipping cost via her Etsy store.

How long do they take to arrive?  No time at all!  Mine arrived in around a week/10 days.

Additional Comments:  If you're looking for a fuss free, on point manicure then look no further.  I love the effortless nail art Annaliza's decals create for me on a quick and easy basis.
Be sure to follow her on Instagram by clicking here and show her some love!  Her imagination knows no boundaries and I love looking at what she creates.
I want the David Bowie nail decal set so I can sing 'Rebel, Rebel' with my hands high in the air!

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