Thursday 28 January 2016

Simply Peel; Thee Must Have Holy Grail Nail Art Product In The History Of Ever?!

Okay, okay, you're probably thinking after reading the title of this post that it can't possibly be the best nail art product ever ever ever - well, let me tell you that it is!

Everytime I use this in my videos, I get so many comments "what's the peel off stuff you're using around your nails?" I will answer that very question in this blog post today!

Simply Peel Latex Barrier, is a latex based liquid that you paint around your nails before proceeding with messy nail art.  The idea is, you go crazy, making as much mess as you normally would (or more if you want!) with a gradient manicure, stamping, watermarble or mega glitter placement, but because you applied the latex, it catches the unwanted polish excess from around your finger, then you peel it off and its as if nothing happened!

Before continuing with this review, I must point out that if you have an allergy to latex you cannot use this product!  Not to fear, though, there are loads of barrier products out there now which do not contain latex and are PVA Glue based.  I found an article, which you can read here by CraftyNail where she explains how you can make your own bottle :-)

On a side note, this is 2 bottles of Simply Peel, but as you can see Bliss Kiss has popped the wrong sticker on the front of the right hand sided bottle - but we'll let them off! ;-)

Wednesday 20 January 2016

MeeBox "Ice Queen" December 2015 Review

My friends at MeeBox have done it again!  They have delivered another great box worth more than what you pay for it.  I've said it before (here & here) but you'd be silly not to subscribe at this rate!

If you're a bit like me; loves a bargain and dislikes paying the full price for polish, then this kind of service is for you.  You pay a flat cost of £20.00 which includes paying for everything in the box, shipping AND comfort in knowing that the money spent is waaaay less than the RRP of the contents = Win/Win!

Thursday 7 January 2016 Review & Swatches

Bargain Nail Polish + Online Shopping =!

Stocking brands like OPI, nails inc, Essie and China Glaze, to name but a few, is a well visited website from SpangleyNails laptop.  With over 1000 colours in stock and OPI Nail Polish priced at just £4.95 (yup, you read that correctly), there really is something on this website for the bargain hunters as well as the nail enthusiasts!

I have 3 polishes from the site to show you today, 2 OPI's and a nails inc (my favourite brand!)  as well as a full review on the website itself.

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