Friday 19 February 2016

Nail Candi Skin Protecter For Nails Review

If you are still using a clean up brush with acetone, scotch tape or Vaseline around your nails for clean up, then you need to stop and evaluate your life.  The latest craze/trend to sweep through the nail art world is Liquid Latex!  So put down that brush and throw away your scotch tape because this review is heading in a direction where those items aren't invited! 

Today I have a bottle of Nail Candi to share with you.  This is a bottle of Latex based liquid that protects your skin from messy nail art; allowing you to make as much mess as possible and when all is said and done, it peels away as if nothing ever happened.

Before continuing with this review, I must point out that if you have an allergy to latex you cannot use this product!  Not to fear, though, there are loads of barrier products out there now which do not contain latex and are PVA Glue based.  I found an article, which you can read here by CraftyNail where she explains how you can make your own bottle :-)

I have chosen to do a stamping manicure with a glitter gradient and a water marble to put this product to the test properly.

**DISCLAIMER** I am not the best at making polish marble but I can do enough as make a basic pattern, and enough to see how this product performs.  

Nail Candi arrives in a regular polish bottle and comes with a regular polish brush for application.  From applying to your nails to being completely dry takes around 35 - 40 seconds.  

Here is the swatches on the back of my hand for your information.  As you can see, the liquid goes a darker purple colour when it is dry & ready to be used.  I can peel this product up with ease and without any effort as you can see, down below :-)

Here are the final manicures, after peeling!

As you can see, there is no discolouration of the cuticles and no residue left behind from either manicure.
As a side-note, I'm currently wearing the second design on my toes as well, used the same method with Nail Candi around my toe nails and it worked a treat! :-)


Where can I buy Nail Candi?  It is avalible on and

How much does it cost?  €15.00 from (roughly £11.63) and $18.00 (roughly £12.54) from

Any Coupon codes?  Not at this time.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping?  You need to order from and shipping is €3.80 (roughly £2.95)

How long does it take to arrive?  Estimated delivery is around 10-14 days.  Mine arrived in 2 weeks, so pretty accurate.

Additional Comments: A staple manicure/nail art product for any stash, the novice or the expert - everyone should have it!  If you dont have this product in your kit, get it!  I promise you wont regret it!
As you can see from the pictures above, its super easy to tell when the product is dry (goes a darker colour of purple) and even easier to peel off.  I can see myself reaching for this product time and time again!

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