Thursday 11 December 2014

Review: Simply Spoiled Beauty Nail Art Pens

Hi everyone.  I received some epic Nail Mail from Simply Spoiled Beauty recently in the form of this 12 piece double ended Nail Art Pen set.  Christmas had came early in my house when this popped through my letterbox.

Simply Spoiled Beauty is an online retailer of nail art supplies and other cosmetic products.  They have a large following on social media and frequently feature customers' pictures if you use their products.  This always makes me want to purchase something if a company does this, as I like my work & efforts to be recognised if I use a particular product.

As I mentioned, I recieved this nail art pen set, along with some glitter nail art pens and some other nail art accent bows and gems.  Be sure to look out for them in future nail art posts.

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