Friday, 19 February 2016

Nail Candi Skin Protecter For Nails Review

If you are still using a clean up brush with acetone, scotch tape or Vaseline around your nails for clean up, then you need to stop and evaluate your life.  The latest craze/trend to sweep through the nail art world is Liquid Latex!  So put down that brush and throw away your scotch tape because this review is heading in a direction where those items aren't invited! 

Today I have a bottle of Nail Candi to share with you.  This is a bottle of Latex based liquid that protects your skin from messy nail art; allowing you to make as much mess as possible and when all is said and done, it peels away as if nothing ever happened.

Before continuing with this review, I must point out that if you have an allergy to latex you cannot use this product!  Not to fear, though, there are loads of barrier products out there now which do not contain latex and are PVA Glue based.  I found an article, which you can read here by CraftyNail where she explains how you can make your own bottle :-)

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Nail Cart: Review on my Favourite Water Decals! (And you can personalise them too!)

If you've been here for a while, then you may remember my review on Nail Cart, if not, you can catch up here.  Nail Cart is water decal company run by my friend, Annaliza, from waay across the pond in Edmonton, Canada!  Water decals are small pre-printed pictures and by cutting them out, submerging them in water for around 30 seconds, they become sticky and can be applied to your nails.  Fuss free, mess free, professional manicure in minutes!

Annaliza has come a long way since last May when I first reviewed for her.  She is absolutely killing it with every single set of decals she comes out with.  I mean, have you SEEN the David Bowie set?!  I may need to get myself one of those!!  The best part is, even if you head to her store and cant find anything you fancy (highly unlikely, but still), Annaliza will custom make a set of decals just for you!  Who wants to rock their boyfriends face on their nails for Valentines day?!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016 Vinyls & Stickers Review

You will know by now, that I am a lover of effortless nail art, infact, sometimes I think the manicures that took the least amount of time are the ones that turn out the best!  Nail stamping, water decals and nail vinyls are perfect examples of how to achieve the "at home salon manicure" but with half the fuss.  So, whenever I'm in a rush or want to add "a little something extra" to an otherwise boring manicure, I reach for my vinyls!

Today I have some stickers & vinyls from to show you.  This home grown company is run by my friend Kelly and she makes everything you can see on her site herself.  She's been running since 2014 and for the past 2 years her site has gone from strength to strength now listing Liquid Nail Tape as well as the vinyls and stickers.  I would keep an eye on Kelly's site, because she has big big plans for 2016 which may include adding a few more items for sale....

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