Monday 28 July 2014

Summer Floral Nail Art

Hi all.  Back today with a longer post than yesterday haha... Except the reaction to yesterdays nails have been fantastic - thank you everyone for your continued support! Its all very much appreciated.  Today's nail art is this gorgeous floral manicure that was easy to do and I think is ideal for summer!

Polishes Used:
Barry M - Coconut (Pictured)
Essie - Cascade Cool
Barry M - Pink Punch
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Onyx
nails inc - Chelsea Bridge Road
OPI - All Sparkly And Gold
Seche Vite

Sunday 27 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 22 - Dragon Fly

Hi everyone.  Happy Sunday.  Back today with Day 22 of the "Totally Doable I Have A Life Challenge" and the theme is Dragon Fly.  I actually initially had no idea what to do for this date.  I started looking through my stamping plates for inspiration and had no such luck.  I hit Pinterest and had just as great luck with that as I did with my stamping plates BUT alas, I headed to Instsgram and seen a cracking idea by @angiellovesnails and knew I just had to give it a go.  Its actually super simple, and I love that about this design.

Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors - Mauve (Pictured)
Sally Hansen HD - DVD
Seche Vite

Saturday 26 July 2014

Cross Nail Art Design

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend where-ever you are. I have this cross nail art to share with you today.  I had bought this new Models Own polish the other week and was determined to complete a mani featured all round about this gorgeous colour.  Its called Fuzzy Peach and I believe it was from a summer collection around 2 years ago, but hey, a bright orange aint ever gonna go out of fashion with the weather we've been having! 

Polishes Used:
Models Own - Fuzzy Peach (Pictured)
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Lick O' Rich
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
L.A. Colors - Gold Nail Art Striper
Seche Vite

Friday 25 July 2014

Models Own Hypergel Leopard Print Nail Art

Hi everyone! TGI Friday! :-) the sun is shining!! Don't you just love it when its like this - not to hot that its uncomfortable but its just nice that you can enjoy it?  Anyway, a short while ago whilst browsing my favourite Nail Art Blogs, I noticed that @NailsAndPolkaDots was having a Blog giveaway.  So I entered and to my luck - I won!  The prize was the 5 piece Models Own Speckled Eggs collection, but Antonia (of @NailsAndPolkaDots) was so nice and popped in a gorgeous Hypergel for me too, which is why I have chosen to use it as my base/main colour on this happy, sunny day.

Polishes Used:
Models Own Hypergel - Pink Veneer (Pictured)
Models Own - Black Magic
nails inc - Chelsea Bridge Road
OPI - All Sparkly And Gold
Seche Vite

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Hi everyone.  So about 6 weeks ago Daisy from the Born Pretty Store contacted me regarding sending me some products to review for them, I was absolutely thrilled and jumped at the chance!  One of the things I chose was these really cute gold water decals with swirly shapes and roses.

The first thing I noticed about them is they are identical to the body tattoos I used to wear as a child - you know the non permanent ones you apply with water that come off 3 days later in the bath?  That's exactly it, except smaller and more delicate.

Monday 21 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 19 - Pop Art

Hi all :) I hope you all had a chance to read my earlier "Great Budget Nail Polish Brands" article - if not you can catch up here.  I've been told its well worth a read, so please do check it out when you can! Back today with Pop Art Nail Art which makes me officially caught up with #NailArtJul.  Nails Inc recently brought out a collection of polishes they named "Pop Art," so without knowing what sort of nail art I wanted to depict on my nails, I knew I wanted to include my bottle of Pop Art in the manicure/finished article- I am sorry if it makes the picture look a bit busy. :-(

Polishes Used:
nails inc - Bloomsbury Street (Pictured)
Rimmel - Sorbet So Good
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Revlon (TopSpeed) - Royal
Sinful Colors - Black On Black
Color Club - Almost Famous
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Bandage
Color Club - Unnamed Read
Seche Vite
{MoYou London Pro Plate 10}

Great Budget Nail Polish Brands For Under £5!

Calling all bargain hunters out there! Where-ever you are in the world I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing beats the fluttery feeling in your tummy you get when you walk out of a shop having spent less than you intended and got a real good deal – everybody loves a bargain! If you’re like me, then you’ll want to keep your nails looking good and your purse feeling good too, so, in this article I am going to bring you 8 great nail polish brands that will keep your digits dazzling – all for under £5.00!

Sunday 20 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 16 - Vintage

Hi everyone & Happy Sunday.  2 things have totally blown my mind in the last 24 hours, and I mean seriously blown:-
1.  The reaction to yesterdays nail art, 1 word - WOWZERS.  The response has been incredible.  My Instagram feed totally blew up (in a good way) with likes, comments and new followers.  I am so grateful to have new followers, old followers and faithful followers so Welcome aboard this Happy Spangley Family!  If you missed yesterdays post, not to worry, catch up here.
2.  The weather in the UK right now is, 1 word - TROPICAL.  We are having such a heat wave! Not to worry though, I'm using the fact that I have bad Hay Fever as an excuse to stay indoors and paint my nails, mwahaha - where are you in the world?  What's the weather like where you are?

Without further ado though, onto today's nail art, and continuing with #NailArtJul the prompt for today was Vintage.  I was quite enjoying today's nails, but no doubt they'll not be as successful as yesterdays.

Polishes Used:
Ciate - Iced Frappe (Pictured)
Rimmel Space Dust - Aurora
Konad - White
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Seche Vite
{& MoYou London Pro Plate 04}

Saturday 19 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 13 - Delphinium

Hi all.  As I mentioned yesterday, welcome to my catch up on #NailArtJul.  Day 13 was Delphinium.  For those of you who don't know what that is, its a type of flower - don't worry, I had to Google too.  I will pop a picture of it in at the end so you can see how much my nails don't look like it and more like seaweed haha! :-) In saying that though, I'm quite fond of them, whatever they're supposed to be!

Polishes Used:
Rimmel - Misty Jade (Pictured)
Sinful Colors - Last Chance
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Cherry Cherry Bang Bang
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Malbec
Sinful Colours -Snow Me White
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Fa La La Lavender
Sinful Colors - Candy Coated
Sally Hansen HD - DVD
Sally Hansen HD - LCD
Seche Vite

Friday 18 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 10 - Sunshine

Hi STRANGERS! Haha, again, I must apologise for my current sabbatical - I'm currently on holiday from work and the time is going so quickly.  I feel that trying to find the time to sit down and paint my nails followed by an accompanying blog post is like an impossible dream - but alas here we are, yay!  I also have a few more lined up for you too (it rained today and I haven't moved away from my Helmer!)  I am catching up on #NailArtJul and todays post will be for Day 10 - Sunshine.  I seen a really cute Kite design on Pinterest by +Chalkboard Nails, I knew it would be perfect inspiration for this day.

Polishes Used:
Rimmel - Sunshine (Pictured)
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Models Own - Fuzzy Peach
Rimmel - Too Cool To Tango
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Onyx
nails inc - Porchester Place
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Gilty Pleasure
Essie - Orange, Its Obvious
Seche Vite

Sunday 13 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 7 - Matte

Hi everyone.  Happy Sunday! Sorry for my lack of posts last week, I had quite possibly thee most busy week since Christmas! Everything will be back on track this week though and I've got some exciting stuff lined up too.  For today, however, I have Day 7 here of the "Totally Doable I Have A Life Challenge" and the theme is Matte!

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Bandage (Pictured)
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Nightwatch
Colour Club - Unnamed Glitter
Rimmel - Matte Finish
Seche Vite

Thursday 10 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 4 - Stars

Hi all.  So I know today is the 10th, but I'm posting Day 4 of the "Totally Doable, I Have A Life Challenge" and the theme for that day was Stars.  I was having a little bit of trouble deciding what to do, at one point, I thought about stamping, but then I remembered I had these cute Star rhinestones to use, therefore out they came, and I have to say I'm really happy with the way they've turned out and they were super simple too!

Polishes Used:
nails inc - South Kensington (Pictured)
Models Own - Black Magic
Revlon - Stunning
Silver Glitter Nail Art Striper
Seche Vite

Monday 7 July 2014

Review & Swatches: Barry M Matte Collection Summer 2014

Hi everyone.  So Barry M announced in the middle of May that they would release a Summer Matte Collection after the massive success of their Autumn/Winter Matte Collection at the end of last year.  This new set includes 6 bright and exciting colours of which I do not own nor can I think of any dupes for, yup - the shades are that unique.

The first thing I noticed with these polishes is that they are extremely pigmented.  I really would advise you to wear a thick base-coat when wearing these colours for any length of time - just in case! 

This is my first review of an entire collection on my blog, and rather than show you the colour of the polish painted on 4 or 5 of my nails, I have decided to do an accent nail art to go with the polish - I feel it makes the polish stand out to you guys & lets you know what you can do with it :-)

This is a quick snap shot of the 6 polishes - full review on each polish after the jump.

Sunday 6 July 2014

Review: She-Sells-Seashells UK Nail Vinyl's

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday.  Lately, my Instagram feed has been taken over by manicures where the end result has been achieved using Nail Vinyl's.  I love the idea of it, but somehow if you don't have these Nail Vinyl's your end result is not going to look as professional or precise.  Let me explain, Nail Vinyl's are small, pre-cut stickers for your nails and they come in loads of different shapes, patterns and sizes.  The most popular ones, however, being chevron and single chevrons.

Of course, there are ways to create "Home-Made" vinyl's, which I tried, but really - you're only kidding yourself.  When I try these methods, somehow, they never end up uniform.  I knew I would have to give in to purchasing Nail Vinyl's at some point and it seemed after my tried, tested and failed home methods was a good point to start!

I thought that there was only one supplier of Nail Vinyl's around - oh how wrong I was.  I stumbled across She-Sells-Seashells whilst browsing Instagram one day and assumed it was a rhinestone shop - wrong again!  This company is based in the UK and produces Nail Vinyl's/Stickers in LOADS of different shapes and sizes.  Before I knew it, my mouse button clicked "Purchase"... I've never looked back.

I ordered some thin single chevrons & some larger singles too, I also picked up a mixture of different sized chevrons and look how it arrived - do you not think this is beautiful?  I do!  Full review continues after the jump.

Thursday 3 July 2014

#NailArtJul Day 1 - Flag

Hi all.  So after the disaster that was the MoYou Challenge, I have sort of decided to participate in the in "Totally Doable, I Have A Life" Challenge hosted by @Californails on Instagram.  There is no prize or anything, you just post Nail Art in line with the theme every couple of days and it can be quite fun to do nail art for the theme of the day that you wouldn't normally do.

You will find the daily themes in a picture after the jump, but for Day 1, it was "Flag" I chose to do Bunting aka lots of flags! 

Polishes Used:
nails inc - Hyde Park Crescent (Pictured)
nails inc - St Martins Lane
nails inc - Wimbledon
nails inc - Chelsea Physic Garden
nails inc - Bloomsbury Street
Ciate - Sugar Plum
Barry M - White
Seche Vite

Then And Now: Fashion Inspired Nail Art

Hi all! I know you all love a Wednesday's Then And Now and today's post is just that!  I first done today's design 63 weeks ago and it was the second design I done that was pictured in my lightbox! I was so happy with the way the lightbox made my design look quite professional - but looking back now, it was more of a flop & anything but! The outfit that my nail art was inspired by was an ensemble that @thuyy_trann put together on Instagram.  
I think this design looks sort of edgey, I'm quite happy with it and love how it turned out.  As always, the "Then" picture, including Thuy's outfit inspiration are after the jump.

Polishes Used:

Barry M - White (Pictured)
Barry M - Black
Revlon - Metallic
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Wet Cement
Seche Vite

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