Friday, 27 February 2015

Scratch Nail Wraps: SpangleyNails On Location At Edinburgh Zoo!

I am a total lover of Nail Wraps.  They are super quick to apply and go on extremely easy.  Scratch Nail Wraps, in my opinion, are royalty in the world of Nail Wraps.  Their designs are so unique and original.  Their packaging and marketing is out of this world!

These nail wraps are from a design collaboration Scratch have done with Rik Lee, he has designed 3 amazing sets of nail wraps to celebrate Women during the month of March.  

"Wearing the Panda's on your nails shows your peaceful strength and balance between masculine and feminine, the ying and yang." 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


If you're anything like me, then you'll know nothing compares to fluttery feeling when something new and exciting comes along.  Allow me to introduce Edge Nails...

Edge Nails is a UK brand specialising in professional nail and beauty products.  You may have seen them before if you have access to wholesalers/salon supply services.  Aside from the professional products, there is also a collection of 45 nail polishes on offer from them, some are jelly, some are creme and I may have even spotted a glitter in there too.

All swatches below are 2 coats, topped with 1 coat of Edge Nails Top Coat.  I was utterly shocked (in a good way!) at how opaque these polishes were in 1 coat, I found myself applying a second coat out of habit more than need.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Stamper & Scraper Set

Hi everyone.  A while ago I received this stamper and scraper set from Born Pretty Store.  I discovered recently, that there was some sort of error with the post and blogger never published it.  I've decided to scrap the whole thing and write a new one, complete with new Nail Art.

I had always wanted one of these large stampers.  After reading several reviews and watching several YouTube review videos it seemed to be the 'stamper of choice' by some of my favourite stamping nail artists. You can imagine my excitement when I got the chance to try one out for myself...

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