Tuesday 3 February 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Stamper & Scraper Set

Hi everyone.  A while ago I received this stamper and scraper set from Born Pretty Store.  I discovered recently, that there was some sort of error with the post and blogger never published it.  I've decided to scrap the whole thing and write a new one, complete with new Nail Art.

I had always wanted one of these large stampers.  After reading several reviews and watching several YouTube review videos it seemed to be the 'stamper of choice' by some of my favourite stamping nail artists. You can imagine my excitement when I got the chance to try one out for myself...

In comparison to my other stampers, it really is the biggest...

{From Left to Right; A rectangle MoYou London Stamper, A regular Konad Stamper, A large Double Ended Konad Stamper, and finally, the BPS Large Double Ended Stamper.}

About The Stamper: The head on this stamper is HUGE.  Please be under no illusion on this.  It is also incredibly soft - in a good way, not in an obtrusive way.  The "handle" is also quite large, but very comfortable to grip too.  I seriously cannot fault it.

Using The Stamper: This stamper would be good for someone who has been stamping before, or, like me, is in the market to try out a new stamper.  When I use this to stamp, I feel less stressed, and more relaxed when using it.  I do not get worried about this stamper not picking an image up first time - it genuinely always does!

I was able to create the below 4 manicures using the BPS Stamper and scraper.  I decided I would put it to the test by using different plates too.  I did 1 manicure with a MoYou London plate, 1 with a Konad Plate and 2 with Born Pretty plates - after all, it is their stamper...

For the above manicure, I used MoYou London's Hipster plate 07.  I stamped the black diamonds onto my nail, and "coloured them in" with sheer polishes.  I love the way this turned out, especially the crispness of the lines.

The above nail art was achieved using Konad Stamping Plate m64.  I love the freshness of this manicure, I genuinely believe that the large head of the stamper, really helps to guide you when lining up the image.  I'm really happy with how these turned out.

The 2 manicures above, were created with Born Pretty Store Stamping plates.  This stamper worked amazingly on these plates as it did with the other brands. I love the crispness of the lines it gives.

Where can I buy this stamper/scraper set? You can click here.  It is item number 12024.

How much does it cost? $4.46... Roughly £2.93 GBP

Any Coupon codes?  Yup! You can use the code "LJL91" at the checkout for 10% off, making this set only $4.01... Roughly £2.63 GBP

I'm in the UK! How about shipping? Free WORLDWIDE Shipping!! :)

How long do they take to arrive?  Born Pretty Store usually say shipping time is 7 - 20 business days for packages to arrive.  Mine usually arrives within around 10-14 days & I am in the UK.

Additional Comments: I can see why this is the stamper of choice for many of the big stamping accounts.  The best thing about this stamper, in my opinion, is that it works great on every brand of plate as well as its own.  An amazing stamper, providing excellent results all round.

Top Tip! Stop cleaning your stamper with Acetone or Polish remover.  You can preserve the life of the head by using a sticky roller instead.  :-)

Come check me out on Instagram where you will see Tutorials for all of the above manicures!

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