Monday 27 October 2014

#SwatchySunday Models Own - Prussian Blue

Welcome to this weeks #SwatchySunday post - one day late! Oh well.... :)

The polish I have chosen to review this week is Prussian Blue by Models Own.  I am not entirely sure when this polish was released, but on a brief Google search, I can find posts from fellow bloggers as far back as 2010.  I purchased this polish from TK Maxx, so this is entirely possible.

For the accent nail, I was inspired by my favourite Haloween Movie; Hocus Pocus, where Sarah Jessica Parker sings to lure the children to the witches where they can suck the lives out of them.  Sounds weird, but you really gotta watch it!  You check a brief YouTube clip here.

Full review, including video tutorial my accent flying Witch nail is after the jump.

I really love this colour.  Prussian Blue is described as a moderate to rich blue colour, tinted with deep greenish blue.  In my opinion, this is the most perfect midnight blue.  IRL it is very dark but very rich.  Shown below is 2 very thin coats and a top coat.


Formula: Quite thick but easily manipulated if using super thin coats.
Application: OK.  Seen in all pictures is 2 thin coats and a top coat as I mentioned before, but when you first bring the brush out the bottle, it naturally grabs a ton of polish. 
Nail Art: I probably wouldn't use this polish for Nail Art but I'm glad I have it as a plain colour as its very classy.
Additional Comments:  I cannot think of any other midnight blue shade that could act as a dupe for this polish, and be this flawless in 2 coats.  

If you would like to participate in #SwatchySunday, then post your Swatch pictures on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the # Hash Tag #SwatchySunday, so we can all see! :)

**Music is Sarah Jessica Parker - Come Little Children from the Disney Movie Hocus Pocus.  I do not own this music**

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