Friday 31 October 2014

#TBT Then And Now - Halloween Nail Art

When I started looking for this weeks then and now nail art, I knew I could only pick one thing...  The attempts I made at Halloween Nail Art last year.

I'm super happy with how these nails turned out.  I loosely followed a YouTube Tutorial by ChristabellNails, that just so happened to fit into the same design for my TBT.  I really really like the way they turned out, infact, I even have a mega soft spot for my index and pinkie fingers.  As usual, the 53 week old "Then" picture, will be after the jump.

I started off by painting my index and pinkie fingers with Barry M Limited Edition (Superdrug 2013).  Once that was dry, I used the dry brush technique to get the effect you are seeing in the photos above and below.  The other colours used were Barry M - Spring Green, Sinful Colours - Irish Green and Orly - Liquid Vinyl. 

For Frankenstein, I have a full video tutorial for him on my YouTube Channel, and as always I will insert it below. This little guy is easier than you think!!

Start off with your black polish or acrylic paint to make a horizontal black line across the top of the nail.  Then, using a green polish, make a square in the middle of the nail - the same width as the black line.

Add some zig zag stripes to your original line as hair, still using black polish or paint.  Draw an upside down C shape for his mouth and cover it with vertical lines to act as stitches.  Add 2 large dots with white to the top of the green box,  Once they're dry add 2 dots of black then a tiny dot of white again (to act as a shine).

Go back into any bare areas of his face and add more stitches.  Finish off his neck by adding 2 black triangles either sides and a stick round it too.

Add clear polish or top coat to each side of his face and add 4 caviar beads.  If you dont have caviar beads, then you can just use silver polish - it will work equally well! 

I can remember being super proud of these nails at the time - my instagram tells me that it was 53 weeks ago that I posted them, but I swear it feels like last week.  I hope you can see an improvement in my Nail Art.

Stay tuned for more Halloween Nail Art coming up tomorrow.  Need a last minute nail art idea to spice up your costume?  Or are you heading out & want to get into the spirit without dressing up?  Then make sure you get your butt here tomorrow as I have not 1, but 2 more Halloween designs AND tutorials coming your way!

**Music is Michael Jackson - Thriller.  I do not own this music**

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