Tuesday 3 June 2014

Spangley's Simple Steps: {Tutorial Week} Paint Splatter Nail ART!

Hi everyone.  So I often get asked  by family and friends, which one of my nail photos got the most likes, and by far, this was the Nail Art Art that I done for the MoYou Challenge.  One of my followers asked me how to do this, but without having that particular stamping plate, I thought it was nearly impossible - WRONG! In today's tutorial, I am going to show you how to create Paint Spatter Nail Art without even thinking about touching a stamper! Read on friend....

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need;

Your favourite Base and Top Coat
I've chosen 6 colours for my splatters - you can choose less or more if you wish!
White for the Base: Barry M - White
Dark Pink: nails inc - The Cocktail Collection
Glitter (Optional): nails inc - Holborn

You will also need a few tools too;

Now for the steps...

Start off by painting your nails with your base coat and letting it dry then paint your middle and ring finger with White.  I've used the Barry M White because I love it!  This is also where you can (if you want to) add a coat of glitter.  This is optional, you can skip this part and it will still look great! (I promise!)  I used 1 thin coat of Holborn. 

Next using the brush that comes with the polish, add a drop of your first colour to the top of the nail (leave it in drop form).

This next part is where you can have some fun, using your dotting tool, start to pull the polish out from your original drop.  Pull it outwards in every direction and all directions until you have a spatter effect that looks a bit like this...

Next do the same thing with another 2 of your colours, I've used my Blue and Pink.

Finally, add random dots of each colour on the nail too, you can overlap this on the other colours to give that "just landed" effect.  Just add your favourite top coat and your finished!

For my index and pinkie nails, I added a coat of dark pink and a blue rhinestone to finish off the look.

Please let me know if you try this design out by using the hashtag #LookSpangley on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, alternatively you can tag me in the picture - I'd love to see!

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