Tuesday 6 May 2014

MoYou London: 31 Day Challenge - Day 5 Shadows

Hi everyone! Wow, Day 5 of my 31 Day Challenge already! Wont be long before its nearly a third of the way through.  Today's theme was "Shadows." Tricky one depending on the plates you own, I had an initial idea but I thought it was impossible to achieve, so I went looking for more inspiration. A couple of girls on Instagram are few days ahead of me, so when I looked at their entries, they were doing silhouettes of people in various scenarios - great idea.  But not for me.  I looked at my plates and seen a scary looking ghost man on Fairy Tale 01, I thought, that could work, a sort of "shadow man" - great idea! But again, not for me.  I kept coming back to that same initial idea... So here goes nothing...

You may have heard of the musician Cliff Richard?  Well his backing band are called The Shadows, so here is my entry to Day 5 - Shadows.

Polishes Used:
Barry M - White (Pictured)
nails inc (Kate Spade) - Big Apple Red
nails inc - Wimbledon
Barry M - Black Multi Glitter
Konad - White
Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine - Brilliant 
nails inc - Ganton Street
nails inc - Ledbury Road
Seche Vite 

I started off by painting my index and middle fingers with Big Apple Red, my ring finger with Wimbledon and my pinkie finger with Black Multi Glitter.

Using Fairy Tale Plate 11, Mother Nature Plate 01 and 06 (though 06 says Landscape 06 rather than Mother Nature - don't know why!), I made stamping decals out with Konad - White and Seche Vite.  I am lucky the Mother Nature 06 actually said "Landscape" as none of my plates had a letter "D." 

I also stamped the musical notes onto my pinkie finger from Fairy Tale 11.

I went back in and freehanded a Guitar using Brilliant, White, Ganton Street and Ledbury Road. I finished off with some caviar at the top for effect. Finally, I went back in and added Hank Marvin, leader of The Shadows to my middle finger.

These nails are dedicated to my Auntie Jean, who is a die hard Cliff Richard fan (How else do you think a 23 year old has this knowledge!)

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