Monday 5 May 2014

MoYou London: 31 Day Challenge - Day 4 Fantasy

Hi everyone! I'm back with yet another instalment of my 31 Day MoYou London Challenge!  This was the first day, out of the 4 I have done, that I was actually looking forward to the most because the Fairy Tale Collection of stamping plates are the ones I own the most of.  After having a real good look at what I could do - this time I had heaps and heaps of choice - I came up with something really close to home taken from Fairy Tale Plate 02. 

There is a myth in Scotland that an extremely large creature inhabits The Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands & goes by the name of Nessie OR The Loch Ness Monster.  Whether you believe the story to be true or not is up to you - there have been various suggested sightings of Nessie with the most recent being reported in April 2014!  But, since this is a Nail Art blog, let me get on with just that... (I'll have some more information on Nessie at the bottom of the post, don't worry - I believe too!)

Polishes Used:
Barry M - White (Pictured)
High Brow - Unnamed Blue
Essie - Really Red
nails inc - Victoria
OPI - All Sparkly And Gold
Sinful Colors - Last Chance
Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Just In Lime
nails inc - Hammersmith
Sally Hansen Diamond Strengh - Tender Teal
Seche Vite

To start off with, I painted my index finger with White and the rest of my hand with the Unnamed Blue.  I carried on with the Tartan finger using the following pictorial I found on Pinterest, I just changed it up a little using the Really Red, Victoria, White and All Sparkly And Gold.

Picture From Pinterest

For Nessie, I used the Monster from Fairy Tale Plate 02, and made stamping decals with it.  The reason I couldn't just stamp onto my nail directly was because Nessie was effectively round the wrong way for my nails I wanted her facing left, but on the plate she is facing right.  

So to make my decals, I painted a layer of Seche Vite onto an old plastic bag, I'm not talking Tesco bag, I mean like a small clear plastic bag.  Once that was dry, I stamped Nessie using Last chance onto the Seche vite.  I filled in the gaps with Just In Lime to add colour, I then lifted the decal off the plastic bag and stuck it to my nails with more Seche Vite.  Just for dimension I added Hammersmith and Tender Teal to the bottom of my nail for The Loch.

So The Loch Ness Monster - do you believe?  I do and have done ever since I've known about it.  As I said the most recent photo was from April 2014 and is visible to those who own an Apple device.  On the Maps, Google pictures has captured an "Unidentified (Large) Swimming Object" in Loch Ness.  

Picture from The Daily Mail courtesy of Apple Maps.

If you have an Apple device, have a look to see if you can see it.  In the mean time, here's my Nessie and you dont need to look on Google Maps to see it.

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