Friday 2 May 2014

MoYou London: 31 Day Challenge - Day 1 Art

Hi everyone!  Last month, a couple of my Instagram buddies completed a 31 Day Challenge.  The idea of these challenges are to use a word as a prompt to base Nail Art on for each day of the month and there are 31 in total.  It is a lot of work as you need to post EVERY day for 31 days and plan ahead.  For the last few days, I had been toying with the idea of doing one for May... But then... My favourite stamping company MoYou London announced they were posting their very own 31 day challenge for May!  How could I possibly refuse to participating in this?? ITS LIKE THEY READ MY MIND!!

So I now present to you The MoYou London 31 Day Challenge in all its glory.  There is no rules, anything goes! Oh! Apart from every design has to include stamping on your nails by a MoYou Plate.

I actually had trouble sleeping last night thinking about what I was going to do for Art! MoYou do have a collection of stamping plates based on famous paintings, take a look here, but I don't own any of these plates hence my bedtime woes.  I eventually got up and starting looking at the plates I DO own for inspiration... Then it came to me... If it wasn't the small hours of the morning I might have started there and then...! (You think I'm joking here but I'm not....)

Polishes Used:
Barry M - White (Pictured)
nails inc - Holborn
nails inc - Bristol
nails inc - Ganton Street
Color Club - Unnamed Silver
Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine - Brilliant
Color Club - Unnamed Red
Color Club - Unnamed Yellow
nails inc - Brompton Place
nails inc - Porchester Place
nails inc - Baker Street
Ciate - Apple & Custard
Ciate - Talent Scout
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Lively Lilac
Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Co-Balt Blue
Sally Hansen Insta Dri - In Record Lime
W7 - Pink

After painting all my nails white, I added a coat of Holborn to my index and middle fingers.  I went back to my ring finger and using Bristol, I painted a sort of peanut shape with a small hole near the top for the palette.  Whilst that was drying, I used Ganton Street to make a sausage like shape on my pinkie finger, followed by a small square of unnamed silver then using Brilliant I added the brush.

By this point, my ring finger was dry so I went back and added 7 small dots of White, then added the colours in the following order for the paint: Unnamed Red, Unnamed Yellow, Brompton Place, Porchester Place, Apple & Custard, Porchester Place, Talent Scout & Baker Street.

Finally, using Princess Plate 09, I stamped the splats on using Lively Lilac, Co Balt Blue, In Record Lime, Pink, Unnamed Red & Unnamed Yellow.

I am actually really pleased with how these turned out.  I really had to strip "Art" back, because the Mona Lisa didnt get to where she is without her being a palette and a paintbrush to Da Vinci now did she?? I cant wait to participate in the rest of the challenge!

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