Saturday 30 August 2014

MoYou London Rainbow Challenge - Friday: Blue & Video Tutorial

I want to start off by saying, my favourite colour is blue.  If there was any day of the week of this challenge that I should be looking froward to it would be today, right?  Wrong!  I have been sitting doing my nails since 9pm and NOTHING has gone to plan with this colour - at all! :-(  

I was very near quitting - I said to my boyfriend, I'm not doing today.  He thought that meant I was fore-fitting the whole thing, when in fact  think you can pick what days you want to do, I just think if you do all 7 it increases your chances of winning.

But then suddenly it hit me slap bang in the face!! When-ever I'm struggling with things, I strip them right back to the bare minimum - this helps me understand things and ultimately "get it."  I know everyone works differently but this works for me - this is how I have done my "Roses are Red" nails and my "Follow the Yellow Brick Road Nails," by stripping the colour back and thinking about what it really means to me.

Every single human being on this earth (I'll bet) has owned, does own and/or will own a piece of clothing made from the material: Denim.  What colour is denim I hear you ask?  Yup, thats right - BLUE!  I suddenly remembered my George @ Asda Denim effect nail polish that I've used like twice... Come here my pretty... ;-)

Polishes Used:
George @ Asda - Denim Effect (Pictured)
Konad - White
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Seche Vite

MoYou Plate(s) Used:
Princess Plate 09

I started off by painting all of my nails with the Denim Effect polish*.  This dries quickly and to a matte finish, so without any time to wait, I used the button image from MoYou London's Princess Plate 09 and stamped them randomly on my nails with Konad White

To finish off, I used my thin nail art brush and Snow Me White to add random white lines between the buttons to act as the stitches.  As I mentioned, the denim polish dries matte, but I have topped all my nails off with a coat of Seche Vite, which leaves the high gloss finish.

*No link to the denim polish as Asda seem to have stopped carrying it as it was a limited edition!  Please check eBay or other sale sites for this polish.

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**Music is Footloose.  I do not own this music**


dreamyMM Nails said...

You just got a new follower everywhere lol...
Saw you mani on instsgram and love it... But your blog is absolutely awesome xx

Nicole @ SpangleyNails said...

Thank you very much for that lovely comment - what a nice thing to say. I'm so very glad to have you on board! :-) xx

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