Wednesday 13 August 2014

Review: Scratch Nail Wraps

Hi everyone! I have another review to share with you today this time from a company called Scratch.  I was absolutely thrilled to be contacted by Kim regarding reviewing their Nail Wraps, she asked me to browse their large selection of uniquely designed wraps to personally pick the set I would be sent.  I thought this was a really nice personal touch as this ensures each person gets a set they've chosen for themselves.

I had a look and settled on the design called "Little Darling Beach Bum" because it features the lyrics to "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles.  Being a massive Beatles fan, I really thought this design appealed to my personality and couldn't pass them up.

The pack comes with 16 nail wraps, a mini file and orangewood stick.

I had only ever tried nail wraps once before Scratch sent me these and I really am a total fan.  They're extremely easy and quick to apply.  I applied the flip flop wrap to my pinkie nail first, and I must say I enjoying holding my hand up thinking how great it looked in no time at all!

An initial problem I encountered was that they were quite large in size and refused to bend round my nail.  I found that by "moulding" them round a bic pen solved this problem immediately. 

I read some reviews of people experiencing the wraps peeling or coming off and not lasting.  I did not experience this.  I think this shows that the quality of these wraps is extremely high and alot of effort has gone into ensuring they are the best at what they are designed to do! I did use a base coat underneath which I think helps add a little more layer of adhesive.  

I applied the wraps on Friday afternoon, I wasn't out at the weekend but they lasted straight through to Monday night when I had to remove them for work on Tuesday.  If I was being really picky there was slight tip wear as the nail wraps had "shrunk" - but I think this is caused by Seche Vite rather than Scratch.

Where can I buy these wraps? Head straight to and click on "Shop."

How much do they cost? $12... Roughly £7.19 GBP

I'm in the UK! How about shipping? $3.25... Roughly £1.95 GBP

How long do they take to arrive?  It takes roughly a week, so if you plan on buying and using these for a particular occasion be sure to give the post plenty of time.


Application: Extremely easy. Far too quick you think you're skipping something - but you're not; that's the trick.

Nail Art: Every nail is something uniquely and different.  Not just with this design but with all of their nail wraps.

Additional Comments: Perfect for summer.  Stand out from the crowd.  And on a total side note this design is a MUST for any Beatles fan. ;-)

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