Monday 5 October 2015

Serious Stamping, No Messing with 4 New Messy Mansion Stamping Plates: A Review

If you've been here for a while you would have seen my previous review on Messy Mansion Stamping plates, if you haven't though, do not fear; just click here.  I have another 4 to show you today from one of their most recent releases INCLUDING the ever so popular, accessories kit.  

"Etched perfectly," "original and eye catching," "transferred perfectly onto the nail," are just some of the comments I had to say about the previous set of Messy Mansion plates I reviewed.  The four plates I have to show you today did not disappoint and I have to echo my own comments from before!  The designs were really unique, so different that I couldn't think of any of duplicates.  The plates are so perfectly etched down to the smallest detail that whilst cleaning them after stamping, some of my cotton bud got caught in the tiny lines - you really cannot get any-more perfect etching than that!?


The first plate I have to share with you is MM51.  This plate reminds me of ornate metal gates outside large houses.  Beautiful and delicate patterns.


MM52 is full of uniquely beautiful Aztec patterns.


Similar to MM51, MM53 has more beautiful ornate patterns.


Just passing MM52 as my favourite of the bunch I have MM56 with gorgeous lacey patterns.

Accessories Kit 2.0

Inside the kit, you get 3 scrapers; 1 is similar to a credit card and the other 2 are thinner and lighter for picking up smaller and more intricate images.  You also receive 2 metal templates; 1 full of different shapes including stars, circles and chevrons and the other has nail shapes on it so you can stamp the perfect sized image onto your nail.
One of the first things I recommend you do before using this Accessories Kit is have a watch of Messy Mansion's YouTube Video on how to use it.  Using the metal templates take a bit of getting used to hence why I have chosen not to include any nail art done using this kit - be sure to keep your eyes peeled though, I have been practising! :)


Where can I buy these plates and the kit?  You can purchase the plates and the kit directly from Messy Mansion by clicking here.  To my UK readers, you can purchase them from Rainbow Connection by clicking here.

How much do they cost?  For the plates, from Messy Mansion directly they cost $7.00/per plate... Roughly £4.63.  From Rainbow connection they cost £5.20/per plate.  For the Accessories Kit from Messy Mansion directly it costs $12.00, roughly £5.60.  From Rainbow Connection it costs £8,50.

Any Coupon codes? Not at this time.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping?  No specific cost specified from Messy Mansion as to how much shipping to the UK will be as it is done on weight.  I think no more than $7.00 though (£4.63).  From Rainbow Connection shipping is £3.20 for orders under £20.00 and only £1.00 for orders over £20.00

How long do they take to arrive?  Messy Mansion say they usually take around 7-10 working days, mine arrived in 13 days.  Rainbow Connection say 2-5 working days.

Additional Comments:  These plates have the usual standard and quality expected of Messy Mansion.  The designs are so unique and the Accessories Kit is so popular and useful that they are a welcome addition to the collection of any stamper; novice or expert!

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