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Someone once said, "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!" This most certainly must be the case for Tianna Boswell - founder of Pink Princess Cosmetics.  I have so much admiration and respect for nail girls, part of the online nail community who turn their love for polish into a business movement.

With a collection of more than 20, 3 free & cruelty free, luxury nail lacquer - there is something for everybody!  Tianna believes every girl should feel like a princess and with the following statement in her "About" page on the PPN website, she is definitely going the right way about it.

"Who is Pink Princess?
She's got Pretty Girl Swag, but she knows it doesn't come easy.
She Gets What She Wants, but only because she's a Goal Digger.
She Buys Her Own Drinks, she carries herself with Respect.
And she knows that if there's No Risk, there's No Reward.
Is she you?"

Pink Princess Cosmetics launched in 2013 and gone from big to bigger ever since.  I have seen gorgeous manicures and nail art floating across social media featuring PPN for months, hopefully I can provide my fair share to that quota too.  I have 8 gorgeous shades to show you from Tianna's collection; you will see swatches as well as nail art created with each shade.

Divinely Made

2 Coats + Top Coat

This gorgeous opaque, bright white is called Divinely Made.  Rather aptly named as the formula is amazing, it was a dream to work with.  Some white polishes can come across as looking like Tipp Ex on your nails and you really need to praise the lord when you find one that doesn't, and this one most definitely doesn't!  For more information on this colour, please click here or see the bottom of this post.

Three Little Birds

3 Coats + Top Coat

This is Three Little Birds, a lovely teal green, with a leopard print accent nail.  Shown here is 3 thin coats with a top coat.  It was the thinnest of the bunch and more of jelly in my opinion than a cream, and I do prefer the latter.  With that being said, its a gorgeous shade and I have nothing like it in my collection.  For more information on this shade, please click here or see the bottom of this post.


2 coats + Top Coat

This is like liquid tar on my nails.  Flawless, glossy black cream polish called Respect; which is exactly what you'll have for it after you try it out!  If you look closely at my ring finger, you'll see my camera reflection; THAT is how glossy these polishes are!  For more information on this polish, please click here or see the bottom of this post.

No Risk, No Reward

2 Coats + Top Coat

This is Pink Princess Cosmetics' best selling shade; No Risk, No Reward.  This is a gorgeously opaque, minty, Tiffany colour.  Would be great for Spring/Summer, and probably their best selling shade because its screams class, quality and flawless presentation.  For more information on this polish, please click here or see the bottom of this post.

Love You To The Moon

2 Coats + Top Coat

This is a beautiful dark blue with a hint of metallic called Love You To The Moon.  I thought it looked very nautical hence the accent nail.  Another super glossy polish, you can see the reflection of my camera in my index, ring and pinkie fingers!  This is a beaituful colour and I think it would look great on my toes.  For more information on this polish, please click here or see the bottom of this post.

Beauty & Brains

2 Coats + Top Coat

If you are looking for a lovely peachy pink, then look no further than Beauty & Brains.  A really lovely formula, with a beautiful glossy finish.  This pink goes well with my pale skin tone.  A must-have colour for Spring / Summer.  For more information on this polish, click here or see the bottom of this post.

Reach For The Sky

2 Coats + Top Coat

This is one of my picks from the collection, a show-stopping blue called Reach For The Sky.  The formula was amazing, the colour is amazing and the opacity is just out of this world.  A perfect cream (my fave!) and dried really quickly, too. This is going to be great all year for me, I think.  For more information about this polish, please click here or see the bottom of this post.

She Gets What She Wants

2 Coats + Top Coat

My second pick from the collection, is this light lilac called She Gets What She Wants.  This is going to get alot of wear from me over the summer months, I love opaque pastel shades.  Another classic cream, with total opacity on coat number 2!  What more could you ask for?!  More information on this polish can be found here.

Where can I buy these polishes?  Straight from Pink Princess Cosmetics shop by clicking here.

How much do they cost?  They're all $7.00 each, so roughly £4.60 GBP.

Any Coupon codes? Not at this time.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping?  Click here to contact Tianna to discuss shipping to the UK.

How long do they take to arrive?  Less than a week.  Yup, you read that right!

Additional Comments:  For under £5.00, you get 13ml of really high quality polish!  If you're in the market for some amazing polishes with a cream formula, then these are for you.  Even if you just buy 2 from the collection, make sure its Reach For The Sky and She Gets What She Wants.  I had high hopes for PPN, and I certainly wasn't disappointed in any department; from opacity, drying time to formula and shine!  I couldn't recommend these high quality polishes more.

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