Wednesday 25 March 2015


First of all, let me start off by saying, wow.  I felt I should be honest about the first thing I spoke after applying this product to my nails.  These decals are by DIY Nails who are a UK Based company - actually, a Scotland based company.

I am really impressed by everything about DIY nails, one of the main reasons is the utterly original, extremely detailed and incredibly unique designs that are on offer from them.. I have never seen anything like it before.  If you want a fuss free manicure that will be sure to have an eye-catching effect, then look no further than DIY nails.

I have snippets of 4 of DIY nails' #NailCals to show you and have prepared a manicure with each.  If you are interested in the actual decals I have used, just click the link below the picture which will take you straight to the sale page of DIY nails' website.

First up, is this rebel/tattoo inspired manicure using Nancy Mc: Kewties.

I created this manicure using a set called True Romance.  

For this manicure, I used Paradise in holographic silver.

Finally, for this last manicure I used the Yin-Yang Decals.  (Which are currently only £2.00 in the sale!!)


Where can I buy these decals? As well as directly from DIY nails themselves you can find a stock list here.

How much do they cost?  The decals range from £2.00 (in sale) and then up to £8.00 for newer collections.

Any Coupon codes?  Not at this time!  But check here for their sale page - updated regularly; once they're gone - they're gone.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping? Its £2.00 for non registered standard mail, however, if you head to their website from a desktop, you will see a pop-up asking you to follow them on their various social media sites.  If you choose to do so, a code will pop up for FREE shipping :)

How long do they take to arrive?  DIY nails say 1-5 working days for UK and 5-14 working days for USA & ROW.

Additional Comments:  Applied to my nails flawlessly and easily.  I found no "curling" at the ends of the decals, which can be a common issue with other brands.  I'm so impressed by the designs offered - the Breaking Bad set (currently in the sale) have really caught my eye for sure!  

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