Wednesday 8 April 2015


If you haven't heard of Nail Vinyls before - where have you been?!  I have to presume living under a rock; because to me, it seems like the whole online nail community has gone crazy for them, myself included.  Just in-case you're not planning on coming out of your rock any-time soon; nail vinyl's are small pre-cut stickers for your nails that come in loads of different patterns, shapes and sizes.  The most popular ones are chevrons and single chevrons.

The vinyl's pictured below are from Snail Vinyls - a company based in America, who make everything they sell in their store by hand.  They offer a huge variety of vinyl's; everything from waves to diamonds, stars, fire and swirls.

I have prepared 4 manicures for this review, but no doubt you will see Snail Vinyls popping up in my future nail art.  I have only ever used chevrons and single chevron nail vinyl's before now, so having all these different shapes and patterns to choose from is like Christmas for me!

These are the small lightning bolt vinyl's.  I've paired them with this silver foil polish from nails inc for an edgy look.

This is the Moroccan Nail Stencil.  These come as a full sized stencil you stick to your entire nail, paint over and peel off.  You are left with this beautiful all over nail design.  This type of vinyl/stencil is new for me, but I have to say I loved the final look.

With these being the medium single chevron vinyls, these are the most "common" vinyl you'll have seen on SpangleyNails and across the net for that matter.  I still love the effect they give.  Always an effective addition in my opinion.

Finally, my favourite of the bunch, is the Star Swirl Stencil/Vinyl.  I used my textured polishes and sponged them on.  I absolutely love this combination and the effect it gives.


Where can I buy these vinyl's?  Directly from Snail Vinyl' - just click here.

How much do they cost?  They range from $3.00 (£2.02 GBP) to $39.99 (£26.97 GBP).  It literally just depends on how many you are buying, they range from packs of 20 stickers to packs of 1000, depending on the style you're buying,  (See what I mean about HUGE choice!)

Any Coupon codes? Not at this time.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping? Only 0.99¢, which is 67p!!

How long do they take to arrive?  Snail Vinyl's say it should arrive within 2-12 weeks of the package being posted.  Mine took 2 weeks and as you know, I am in Scotland.

Additional Comments:  Really impressed with the overall quality of the vinyl's.  I waited 10 minutes for my base colour to dry before applying the vinyl's and they did not lift any of it up upon removal.  They are cut perfectly and the designs are so unique.  With such a wide range, there is something for everybody.  

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