Thursday 5 March 2015


I was super intrigued when I found out that Born Pretty Store had launched a new Stamping plate collection which included new additions of circular plates as well as larger rectangular ones.  I always thought MoYou London were onto something special with this size of plate, and it seems Born Pretty thought so too.

I will admit, I own less than 8 of the original (circular) Born Pretty Plates.  The reason for this this was I was never too impressed with the (in my opinion) tacky designs.  Well, since I now have 3 from this new collection; 2 circular and 1 rectangular - my opinion has changed; Good-bye Tacky & Hello Classy!

I'll start with BP-L007, which is the large rectangular plate.  It comes with 15 "full nail size" images and 10 small images down the right hand side of the plate.  I think this plate has a really great amount of images for you to work with.  Each design is extremely detailed and perfectly etched.

I created 2 manicures using the above plate, there are so many great designs on this bad boy, I just love simple and classy chic patterns - which this plate is FULL of.  The images transferred very crisply, and very cleanly onto my nail.  As you can see, the fuller sized images fit perfectly onto one full nail of mine.

The next plate, BP-28 is the first of the 2 circular plates.  The plate has 4 swirl/paisley pattern type images on it.  Again, I had no issues with this plate, the images are of real high quality and are etched perfectly.  I think the variety and size of the patterns are really great for such a small plate.

I did a pastel dry brush base for the manicure below, and stamped using the flowery design from the top right of the plate.  I think this kind of nail art would be perfect in summer and even on toes!  (Yes, I can stamp my big toe-nail; so what!)

Finally, I have BP-29 the second circular plate (and my personal favourite) from the bunch.  This appeals to the child in my heart and screams FUN without being tacky which is what I like!

I used some loose neon glitter - another item by Born Pretty Store which you can find here - to give the polish bottles a bit of character.  If there's one thing I could change with this plate, it would be for the polish bottles in the bottom image to be hollow, or just outlined, so we (the user) can chose to fill them in if we want.  I have to be honest; I absolutely LOVE this plate.  The images are so quirky, I'm so happy with every aspect of it.

Tell Me More!

Where can I buy these plates?  Just click here. Or click the name of each plate above, which will take you directly to that plates page.

How much do they cost?  BP-L007 is $5.99, roughly £3.90.  BP-28 & BP-29 are $2.99/each, roughly £1.95.

Any Coupon codes?  Yup!  You can use the code "LJL91" for 10% off your entire order at the checkout.  This makes BP-L007 $5.39, roughly £3.51.  Furthermore, this makes BP28 & BP-29 $2.69, roughly £1.75.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping? FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!! :)

How long do they take to arrive?  Born Pretty Store usually say shipping time is 7 - 20 business days for packages to arrive.  Mine usually arrives within around 10-14 days & as you know, I'm in the UK.

Additional Comments:  The overall quality of the plates and images are top notch.  I had no issues what-so-ever using them.  I can't wait to use them again - they really are so versatile.  All 3 of the plates came with a blue plastic protective sheet on them, however I removed them prior to taking the picture.  I also wanted to mention that Born Pretty Store are now sending out protective cardboard sleeves for their stamping plates, this is excellent for storage, protection and they look pretty too!

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Lorraine Riley said...

What kind of polish do you use for stamping?

Nicole @ SpangleyNails said...

Hi Lorraine! The best kind of polishes for stamping are thick, opaque, fast drying polishes. So the black I'm using above is an old Sinful Colors "Black On Black." As for any other colours I use its Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri line. Are you in the UK? I pick the Insta-Dri's up from the Pound Shop. They're great! :) I hop this helps! Nx

Lorraine Riley said...

Thank you for replying Nicole, yes it does x

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