Saturday 7 November 2015

Twinkled T Nail Vinyls Review

Twinkled T is a family run company by 2 sisters from USA.  They sell nail art supplies from nail brushes, charms, rhinestones and even jewellery.  But most importantly, and with the largest selection, Twinkled T sell Nail Vinyls.

Nail Vinyls.
This nail art craze is going nowhere.

They are the creators of the original swirl (pictured on my nails after the jump) and the Cyclone vinyl (pictured below to the right of the word "review" - not my nails) and just incase you're new to nail art or wondering what on earth I'm talking about, nail vinyls are small pre-cut stickers for your nails that come in loads of different patterns, shapes and sizes.  The most popular ones are chevrons and single chevrons. 

Be sure to check out the "Additional Comments" section below for something exciting that makes this company stand out from the crowd!

I've prepared 4 manicures for this review, but if you have been on my Instagram or Facebook page recently, you will have seen that I used the Twinkled T Paint drip vinyl for my Halloween Blood Dripping nail art.  As always, all details you would need to make a purchase is after the nail art.

I love the freshness of this manicure using Twinkled T Houndstooth vinyls, a very classic, yet chic pattern.

I am perfectly well aware it is November, but these Lollipop vinyls are so fun!! A summer must have - I hope you agree.

New York! New York!  Betcha thought I freehanded this city skyline?! ;-)  This is Twinkled T Skyline Vinyls.  

As mentioned above, this is the original Swirl Vinyl.  I love the effect this one gives with the textured polish.  


Where can I buy these vinyl's?  Straight from Twinkled T by clicking here.

How much do they cost?  They vary depending on how many sheets of them you are buying and the amount of vinyls on one sheet varies too depending on the design but the price is typically $5.00 (roughly £3.32) for 1 sheet and $12.50 (roughly £8.31) for 3 sheets.

Any Coupon codes? YES!  If you head to Twinkled T's website, a pop will appear asking you to follow them on their various social media outlets, if you do so, a code for 10% off with appear.  
Also, various nail artists have coupon codes, one of these is the fabulous Jessie of +NailsOfJessieK on Instagram.  Her code is "jessiek" and that ones good for 10% off too :)

I'm in the UK! How about shipping? International shipping is $2 (roughly £1.33)

How long do they take to arrive?  Twinkled T ship within 1 - 5 business days and say to allow 2 - 8 weeks for an international delivery, as you know I'm in bonnie Scotland and mine arrived within 14 working days.

Additional Comments:  Whilst perusing Twinkled T's website for this review, I came across the following information that I couldn't not pass on.  Have you seen these nail vinyls pop up across the nail art community but have yet to find one that suits you?!  Do you have an amazing idea for a vinyl that you haven't seen printed yet?!  Are you after a custom made vinyl?  If the answer to the above is yes, then have no fear!! You can fill out Twinkled T's request form here and the girls will see what they can do for you.  What I will say is that this is a request only, not a guarantee, but being friendly and approachable I'm sure you would be able to work with Twinkled T to find something that suits you.

Come check me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter where you will see video Tutorials for all of the above manicures in the next coming days.

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