Tuesday 5 May 2015


You'll probably have a few different companies come to mind when I say the word 'stamping plates' one of which will most definitely be Messy Mansion.  This company is Australian based and specialises in all things STAMPING!  They are really quite well known for their unique and original plate designs as well as accessories; they literally have everything covered in the stamping department.

Whether you're just starting out or have been stamping for a while, picking a stamping plate can be tricky process.  There is certain questions you have to ask yourself upon purchasing.  Do you want a novelty plate with a central theme running through all of the images or do you want a versatile plate, with lots of different patterns that can be adapted to any occasion?  Messy Mansion has you covered in whatever stamping direction you wish to go down, and traditionally I go for the latter of the 2.  Out of the 6 new plates released from Messy Mansion, I have 4 to show you today;  two are more "novelty" plates with a central theme and two are more "traditional" plates with different versatile patterns.

I have created one manicure using each of the four plates. Some general comments I will say before we dive into the nail art are; the designs are etched perfectly. Even the teeny tiny details transfer perfectly onto the nail. The plates themselves are HUGE in comparison to say Konad & Born Pretty Store (which are both the same size). The designs are original and eye catching. Every plate is so unique to the point there are no similar looking patterns, and that is across their entire range not just my 4.  That is quite genuinely, my pet peeve when purchasing stamping plates, if the same pattern is repeated, but in a different way across a couple of plates - not in Messy Mansion's case, I can assure you!


The first plate I have to share with you today is full of different yet traditional floral patterns.


The second plate I have to share is more of a "novelty" one for me, and totally stepping out of my comfort zone, its full of Dinosaur images!


A lovely plate full of beautiful Paisley patterns.  

The polish I used for the background of this manicure (Alexa Cashmere by nails inc) is textured, but I wanted to see what it looked like with a glossy top coat too - can't decide which version I prefer; I like them both :)


The second of the two "novelty" plates for me is a plate full of cats!!  Not that I'm the world's biggest cat lover, I just thought this plate looked fun! :)


Where can I buy these plates?  You can purchase them directly from Messy Mansion by clicking here.  To my UK readers, you can purchase them from Rainbow Connection by clicking here.

How much do they
 cost?  From Messy Mansion directly they cost $7.00/per plate... Roughly £4.63.  From Rainbow connection they cost £5.20/per plate.

Any Coupon codes? 
Not at this time.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping?  No specific cost specified from Messy Mansion as to how much shipping to the UK will be as it is done on weight.  I think no more than $7.00 though (£4.63).  From Rainbow Connection shipping is £3.20 for orders under £20.00 and only £1.00 for orders over £20.00

How long do they take to arrive?  Messy Mansion say they usually take around 7-10 working days, mine arrived in 13 days.  Rainbow Connection say 2-5 working days.

Additional Comments:  My first messy mansion plates but most definitely not my last.  I love the originality of each design on the plate.  The images transferred perfectly to every last detail.  I should point out that they arrived with a blue protective cover on them which I removed prior to taking the picture.  They also arrive in a small resealable, reusable storage bag too.

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Siri Vivienne MK Ancheta said...

Nicole you just nailed it! thank you for the awesome review. WIll be asking you for more :) - Vivienne of Messy Mansion

Nicole @ SpangleyNails said...

Thanks for the feedback Vivienne! :) I honestly couldn't rate these plates high enough! I cant wait for more plates to review in the future. Speak soon, Nicole

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