Monday 20 April 2015


Somebody once told me "a bad work-man blames his tools."  I am a true believer in this statement, however, how about we flip that on its positive head with "every work-man needs good tools?!"  Okay, okay... So I know we're not (all) men here BUT we are still using tools of some description, and I think its super important to have a decent set, agreed?

With that being said, enter Winstonia.  This is their 3 piece striper pen set; there is a short, medium and a long brush which is great for versatile use.  Prior to this set, I have been using a cheap, no-name eBay brush for my striping and detailing work, so even having these in my house felt like royalty before I'd even used them.

Here is a close up of the 3 brushes, the precision of the tip is making me go weak at the knees! LOL ;)

I'd like to get rid of the not so good part before we move onto the good part (the nail art)... I was half-way through my second manicure when I felt the join from the metal to the handle a little wobbly.  It was unfortunate that it eventually separated as seen in the picture below.

For me, this was no big deal as I just attached a little bit of nail glue to it, but I wanted to include it in my review because whilst I fixed it before you could say "oops," it still was a bit of an inconvenience :(

I have prepared 3 manicures for the purpose of this review, however, I will continue to use these brushes regularly for my nail art because (as you will see for yourself in a second) they do nail art flawlessly!


Where can I buy these brushes? Straight from Winstonia's online store - just click here. 

How much do they cost?  They're $11.85 for all 3... Roughly £7.95 GBP.

Any Coupon codes? Not at this time.

I'm in the UK! How about shipping?  $9.45... Roughly £6.34 GBP.

How long do they take to arrive?  Winstonia say 3-6 weeks for orders coming to the UK, mine took 2 weeks and as you know, I am in Scotland.

Additional Comments:  The brushes themselves are of very high quality, this is probably because of the nylon hair.  The handle is great too, brilliant grip and so much better quality than my current set.  I should also mention that the brushes each came in its own full length plastic tube, however I removed these prior to taking the picture.  Aside from the separation issue, these brushes have kicked my cheap eBay sets ass! Its definitely WINstonia for me!

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Hellznails said...

I loved reading this :) I keep looking at these brushes as I also use cheapy ebay ones. Think after seeing this I'll treat myself to these brushes

Nicole @ SpangleyNails said...

Thanks for the feedback Helen! Oh, you have to let me know if you treat yourself :) they are pretty darn good brushes! :) xx

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