Monday 7 December 2015

Lady Queen Beauty Nail Art Store Review

Introducing Lady Queen Beauty; a new on-line store which sells various things from jewellery to make up, but most importantly, they sell nail art supplies! *Squeals!*

Not only is shipping completely free worldwide, but all of their items are super reasonably priced.  They have everything you could want/need to get cracking in Nail Art; from charms to stamping plates, striping tape and glitter.

I have 2 items from Lady Queen Beauty to show you today, some cute Nail Gems and a 15 piece brush set.  I wanted to do some nail art with these items to show you guys that you really don't need thee most expensive tools to produce nail art :)

I have prepared 2 manicures using the nail art brush set and 1 manicure with the nail gems.  As usual, all information you will need to make any kind of purchase will be after the pictures!

Cherry nail art using the dotting tool and a long, thin striper brush.

Zebra nail art inspired by +Nailstorming on Instagram.  My first time doing Zebra print using these brushes and I think I pulled it off.

My manicure using the stars from the Nail Gems set! :)

As much as I hate typing this (and you'll probably hate reading it) the Nail Gem wheel I received is not on Lady Queen's website any more.  Mine seems to have been a mix of what you now need to buy separately (the bows, sequins etc.).  I have found the wheel that these specific stars are from though, so not to worry! I just wouldn't want you to order something and its completely different to what I've got pictured above. :)


Where can I buy these items? Straight from Lady Queen Beauty by clicking here.  More specifically you can get the brushes here and the Gems here.

How much do they cost?  The brush set costs $5.67 (roughly £3.73) and the Nail Gems are $2.70 (roughly £1.77).

Any Coupon codes? YES! Please use coupon code ADLC15 for a whopping 15% off your order!  This makes the brush set only $4.81 (roughly £3.16 - very reasonable!) and the Nail Gems would be $2.29 (roughly £1.51!!)

I'm in the UK! How about shipping? FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!! :)

How long do they take to arrive?  Lady Queen Beauty ship from Hong Kong and say they should arrive in the UK between 10-16 working days.  I can defiantly say my package took that length of time, if not slightly longer so please be sure to order something in plenty of time if you need it for something specific.

Additional Comments:  I can definitely see me purchasing Nail Art supplies from Lady Queen Beauty in the future  - I mean, why wouldn't I!?  After the discount the stuff is a pure steal!  I'm super impressed with the quality of the items as well.  There is absolutely no need to go out and spend an arm and a leg on thee most expensive stuff when you can get these items delivered to your door (for free, remember!) for a fraction of the cost.

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